Definitive fix for Linux Lite 3.x Menu

Linux Lite’s heavily customized Whisker menu wouldn’t be such a problem if proper measures had been put in place during its development; or better said, while it got put together. It is understandable (from Linux Lite’s target audience perspective) to have a highly customized menu for its user base. What I fail to understand are the reasons why users have been left exposed to “break” their menu so easily; something that seems to happen quite often and that is usually “irreversible”. Here is a definitive guide to help you get rid of that problem once for all in Linux Lite and to sanely restore your Whisker Menu if you’re within those who has been frustrated with it.


Linux Lite Menu

Step 1

Let’s start by fixing the most annoying issue of them all:

Fixing items removal from Whisker menu

In Terminal, copy and paste the command below:

sed -i 's!/etc/skel!~!g' ${HOME}/.config/menus/

You’re now able to continue.

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If you are reading this because your menu is already messed up, install this application (Whisker Menu Restore) and run it. It will take care of restoring the default Linux Lite menu for you and also apply the fix above mentioned in the process. If you are using the UnlockMe App, you do not need to download and install Whisker Menu Restore – just open UnlockMe and run the Whisker Menu Restore tweak instead.

Then continue at Step 2 below.



Step 2

Linux Lite 3.x features an old whiskermenu (1.6.0) and alacarte for its Menu. We will replace both of them in this guide!

Replacing old Whisker Menu

While this can be considered an optional step, I always replace the old whiskermenu in Linux Lite (1.6.0) with a more recent one (1.7.5). Lot of fixes and changes have been provided between 1.6 and 1.7.5. Feel free to decide whether to replace it or not.

Old Linux Lite Whisker Menu

From Terminal:

# remove old whiskermenu
sudo apt-get remove --purge whiskermenu

# install new whiskermenu sudo add-apt-repository ppa:gottcode/gcppa sudo apt-get install xfce4-whiskermenu-plugin/xenial

# restart xfce4 panel xfce4-panel --restart

New Whisker Menu


Step 3

Agghhhh! alacarteeeeeee!!! Alacarte’s “Restore System Configuration” button has been the responsible for so much frustration in Linux Lite. And here is where I can’t really understand why hasn’t this issue ever been addressed. Linux Lite users do not need alacarte. It is actually problematic to have alacarte in such heavily customized menu because once the “Restore System Configuration” button is clicked, all hell gets loose!

Alacarte Menu options

So, let’s replace alacarte with a more Linux Lite friendly option: menulibre. MenuLibre is an advanced menu editor that provides modern features in a clean, easy-to-use interface. It is not only very powerful and simple to use but it also prevents users from messing up their menu in just one accidental “Restore System Configuration” click!

MenuLibre Features
– A beautiful interface powered by the latest version of GTK+
– Create new launchers, or modify existing ones with complete control over common settings and access to advanced settings
– Add, remove, and adjust desktop actions: powerful shortcuts available used Ubuntu’s Unity and elementary’s Plank and Slingshot
– Easily rearrange menu items to suit your needs

# remove alacarte
sudo apt-get remove --purge alacarte

# install menulibre sudo apt-get install menulibre

# restart xfce4 panel xfce4-panel --restart

Definitive fix for the terrible Linux Lite 3.x Menu

Finally, make sure that the Edit Applications option in the contextual (right-click) Whisker Menu uses menulibre instead of alacarte:

Edit Applications Disabled
Whisker Menu Properties
Edit Applications Enabled

Hopefully this will make your Linux Lite experience a little better. I hope it does!


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        • Ohh, that! Got it! I was thinking about something to do with the Menu… I know there was a patch implemented in Thunar long time ago to enable split via F3. Unfortunately, this goes into Thunar core and the only way it could be implemented is by recompiling thunar witht he patch applied and installing it again. Also, I’m not even sure if such patch is available or usable in newer Thunar versions. So, I really don’t think I can do much about it.

        • Actually, I got good news for you. The patch is actually available for 16.04. I got it installed and it is fully usable. You’ll need to mess with your install a little bit but it should be pretty straight forward given the correct instructions.

          See: Thunar Split View

          I will make a blog post for others to follow it and get it done, since as it is right now it needs a bit of extra work.

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