Update Manager for Linux Lite 3.x Series

Linux Lite offers a one-click solution to check for and install updates. It seems that this simple approach works for the vast majority of users and many are happy with it. But how about users looking for a more granular way to check for updates, exclude packages, review changelogs and all that cool stuff? Community member humdinger70 wished Lite Updates Notify behaved more like Linux Mint in regards to updates and notifications. That made me think about few scenarios where an Update Manager could actually be a handy additional tool… thus, I give you a stripped down version of Linux Mint mintUpdate for Linux Lite; mintupdate-lite 😛



Update Manager Autostart

Update Manager launches after each session login. You can disable or enable the autostart option under Menu => Settings/Settings Manager => Session and Startup – Application Autostart tab.


A delay of 15 seconds after session logon is by default implemented. It’s a safe threshold to give enough time for conky gadgets and other applications to load before Update Manager launches. If you want to change the delay value, edit /etc/xdg/autostart/mintupdate.desktop

~$ gksu leafpad /etc/xdg/autostart/mintupdate.desktop
Exec=sh -c "sleep 15 && mintupdate-launcher &"

Increase or decrease the 15 seconds delay as desired or completely remove the delay by changing the Exec= line to:



Update Manager Auto-Refresh

Update Manager does not replace the default “Install Updates” application in Linux Lite, so you can safely install it to try it out if you wish. When using Update Manager, I recommend to disable Lite Updates Notify since checking for updates is also available in Update Manager. You certainly do not need both applications checking for updates simultaneously.



Update Manager Levels

By default, all available updates are automatically selected for install. You can customize which packages are to be selected by default using the Levels options, under preferences (Edit => Preferences).




Update Manager Ignored Packages

The Ignored packages options allows you to exclude packages from being updated. I personally use this feature to prevent kernels updates. In the Linux Lite forum, every now and then you will find users having issues with Hibernate, Suspend or a device (hardware) that worked just fine before updating the system. Even though kernel updates are mostly security updates, they do tend to cause issues from time to time; that is not a secret. When I have a working kernel version where my hardware is fully functional, I don’t do kernel updates… at least not often, hence I exclude them out, and Update Manager gives me a simple option to do so.




I did not debianized the package. This stripped down version is fully translated into Spanish only (kudos to my wife :) ). All other languages may need to be updated. You can find a .mo and .po files under /usr/share/linuxmint/locale/en_US so that you can translate it into other languages with Poedit, for example. If you do, please contact me and share your translation; I will add it to the package.


Additional screenshots





Installing Update Manager

To install Update Manager, from Terminal:

Add Unlockforus repository to if you haven’t done so yet:

~$ echo "deb /" | sudo tee /etc/apt/sources.list.d/unlockforus-xenial.list
# And add the PGP key:
~$ curl -s | sudo apt-key add -

Install Update Manager:

~$ sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install mintupdate-lite -y

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5 thoughts on “Update Manager for Linux Lite 3.x Series

  1. I hope this will become the official “recommended procedure” for Linux Lite. Just this week it helped me avoid the “Grub Bug” that affected so many users of Ubuntu-based distros, including Linux Lite, that don’t have these sensible safeguards in place.

  2. A suggested tweak or two to the tool:
    1) When it does the log of updates being applied, it closes that window immediately upon finishing (so you don’t get to see the results of the update. MintUpdate has an option to close the window, if that option is selected (that should be the default, good enough for most people). If it’s unchecked, then it remains open and a ‘Close’ button is made available. This way one can review the changes applied and the messages from the upgrade process before closing the process.

    2) Please add a ‘maximize’ button on the top of window tool bar so it can be resized to a full screen (hard to see the scrolling text in such a small window.

  3. I have been bragging like crazy on Diaspora* and in my blog about how awesome this safety feature is to users of *any* Ubuntu-based OS. I know that some wonderful people have been testing it out on PeppermintOS too, and reporting good results. While advanced users probably know how to decide which updates are safe and which ones aren’t; and then *selectively* update their systems, MOST NEWBIES HAVE NO IDEA. And for a distro AIMED AT NOVICES to include those dangerous updates is simply unforgivable. Get this updater if you use any non-Mint Ubuntu-based OS and enjoy a margin of safety that most users wish they had!

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