If you have installed some of the extra apps I’ve made available for Linux Lite in my repo, you’ll notice that after updating Linux Lite home-brew version of yad 3.9.0-1 things appear to be broken. It happens that Jerry decided to compile his own version of yad for Linux Lite to take advantage of “additional features” that are not even used or needed in Linux Lite development as of today and as consequence some of the applications coded for Linux Lite (those based on yad) have broken or are showing some odd window sizes, etc. with the version provided by Linux Lite repo. Without getting into much more, here is how to fix it…

Note: Be aware that you’ll be uninstalling the yad version provided by Linux Lite repository and installing the same version but from a known maintainer (same Linux Lite used before version 3.9.x) that is used and tested on ubuntu-based distros known to work accordingly.

Uninstalling yad

First, let’s remove the current yad version, from Terminal:

Note that some other applications in your system will be removed with yad because of packages dependencies. You will need to reinstall these packages after reinstalling yad. Take note of those applications as shown in the screenshot below and type Yes, do as I say! when prompted.


~$ sudo apt-get remove yad
~$ Yes, do as I say!

Install a working yad from a known Maintainer

Browse to UbuntuUpdates website, download the yad package for your system (either 32Bit or 64Bit) and install it. Deb packages can be installed by just double-clicking on the file… get it done :)

Finally, re-install the applications that got removed because of yad dependencies; from Terminal

~$ sudo apt-get install lite-updatesnotify litesources-lite whisker-restore-lite

Making changes permanent

Even though you’ll be installing the same yad version as in Linux Lite repo, Linux Lite repo package will take precedence and will be reinstalled after updating your system next time you check for updates, bringing the same issues back. Therefore, we’ll need to make sure that the newly installed yad package only updates from its maintainer’s PPA. To do so, from Terminal:

1- Add the new package PPA:

~$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:nilarimogard/webupd8


2- Create a new APT priority file

~$ gksu leafpad /etc/apt/preferences

… and add the following text to that file as shown in the screenshot below. Note that the priority needs to be 501.

Package: yad
Pin: release n=xenial
Pin-Priority: 501


Save changes and close the file.

3- We can now safely update our system and yad updates will only be installed from webupd8 repository.

~$ sudo apt-get update
~$ sudo apt-get upgrade

Cheers all!

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