Yad 3.9.1-0 package in Linux Lite breaks few things – Here is how to fix it

If you have installed some of the extra apps I’ve made available for Linux Lite in my repo, you’ll notice that after updating Linux Lite home-brew version of yad 3.9.0-1 things appear to be broken. It happens that Jerry decided to compile his own version of yad for Linux Lite to take advantage of “additional features” that are not even used or needed in Linux Lite development as of today and as consequence some of the applications coded for Linux Lite (those based on yad) have broken or are showing some odd window sizes, etc. with the version provided by Linux Lite repo. Without getting into much more, here is how to fix it…

Note: Be aware that you’ll be uninstalling the yad version provided by Linux Lite repository and installing the same version but from a known maintainer (same Linux Lite used before version 3.9.x) that is used and tested on ubuntu-based distros known to work accordingly.

Uninstalling yad

First, let’s remove the current yad version, from Terminal:

Note that some other applications in your system will be removed with yad because of packages dependencies. You will need to reinstall these packages after reinstalling yad. Take note of those applications as shown in the screenshot below and type Yes, do as I say! when prompted.


~$ sudo apt-get remove yad
~$ Yes, do as I say!

Install a working yad from a known Maintainer

Browse to UbuntuUpdates website, download the yad package for your system (either 32Bit or 64Bit) and install it. Deb packages can be installed by just double-clicking on the file… get it done :)

Finally, re-install the applications that got removed because of yad dependencies; from Terminal

~$ sudo apt-get install lite-updatesnotify litesources-lite whisker-restore-lite

Making changes permanent

Even though you’ll be installing the same yad version as in Linux Lite repo, Linux Lite repo package will take precedence and will be reinstalled after updating your system next time you check for updates, bringing the same issues back. Therefore, we’ll need to make sure that the newly installed yad package only updates from its maintainer’s PPA. To do so, from Terminal:

1- Add the new package PPA:

~$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:nilarimogard/webupd8


2- Create a new APT priority file

~$ gksu leafpad /etc/apt/preferences

… and add the following text to that file as shown in the screenshot below. Note that the priority needs to be 501.

Package: yad
Pin: release n=xenial
Pin-Priority: 501


Save changes and close the file.

3- We can now safely update our system and yad updates will only be installed from webupd8 repository.

~$ sudo apt-get update
~$ sudo apt-get upgrade

Cheers all!

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2 thoughts on “Yad 3.9.1-0 package in Linux Lite breaks few things – Here is how to fix it

  1. This article requires some clarity.

    To quote the OP…

    “…some of the applications coded for Linux Lite (those based on yad) have broken or are showing some odd window sizes”

    The ‘odd sizes’ were fixed recently in a Github push regarding ‘lite-updatesnotify’. We’re talking about very minor cosmetic changes. Most people won’t even notice the subtle differences, hence there’s been no reports of ‘broken’ apps by people, and hence no urgency to push out an updated package, but the update can go out at any time.

    lite-updatesnotify – fixed re. above mentioned. This is an official LL application.

    litesources-lite – Ralphy’s app, not supported by Linux Lite. People need to contact him directly if they have issues with this application. This is not an official Linux Lite application.
    whisker-restore-lite – Ralphy’s app, not supported by Linux Lite. People need to contact him directly if they have issues with this application. This is not an official Linux Lite application.

    lite-updatesnotify is not broken, if so, show me the Forums posts? There are NONE. That’s because nothing has broken. Yad 0.39 was sent out 10th June. I still see no reports of ‘broken’ apps in the Forums, or anywhere. Is your Lite Updates Notify ‘broken’?

    Ralphy’s version of ‘litesources-lite’ will not be the same as the one that will be released in the future. The official Linux Lite name for the packages is ‘lite-sources’ not ‘litesources-lite’, is still under development, and has not even been released to the Linux Lite community. I’m disappointed that this is possibly circulating ahead of the official package release. Are people going to see 2 versions of this out there in the future? Yes. This is not healthy. I predict that in the future there may very well be Forum support requests around this very issue. The current code on Githib of the official Linux Lite lite-sources application looks, and functions the way it should.

    Following this ‘Uninstalling yad’ guide provides no guarantee that there won’t be problems in the future.

    I have been, and always will be, truly appreciative of Ralphy’s contributions to free software. I have paid him, thanked him numerous times both privately and publicly. I can’t promise every Dev that provides code for us that 100% of their contributions will make it to the final product. That’s just not a reality anywhere. At the end of the day, it is my responsibility alone to ensure that what ends up in Linux Lite works, is stable, and is fast, free and simple to use (amongst other, numerous considerations).

    Proceed with caution.

    Cheers :)


    • Allow me to disagree with some parts of the comment above made or its intensions; not in my blog please, the same way I have not brought discussions to the forums regarding these apps because the purpose is to help users and not to create discussions around them; which produces no good for end-users and followers.

      Regarding the applications I have provided in my repo, in the case of Whisker Menu Restore for Linux Lite I made it available because end-users have no sane way to restore the Whisker menu in Linux Lite after a reset. Some users went as far as reinstalling the Operating System to get back the heavily modified Whisker menu and those posts can be found in the Linux Lite forum. There are also no intensions to get the Whisker menu fixed in Linux Lite until after Linux Lite 4.x series (almost 2 years from now by Jerry’s own words) and my only concern is to help those users who needs it without even arguing the necessity to address these bugs because Jerry has his plans and visions and I don’t pretend to disrupt them; nothing else. Even though a simple Lite Tweak could have been good enough to include Whisker Menu Restore in Linux Lite.

      In the case of Lite Sources, I’m very aware that having the same package name could be troublesome for Linux Lite development in a later release. Therefore, I used a different package name (litesources-lite) and a different installation path to that which is supposed to be used in future Linux Lite releases so that users could simply uninstall the package available in my repo and go with the default Linux Lite package once it becomes available.

      With that said, there is in fact differences between these Lite Sources packages; the one in my repo has been updated with changes I could not commit to the one I uploaded to Linux Lite Github because the latest yad in Linux Lite repo do break the application and its functionality. That’s the reason why you will find two different versions at this point and it is not because I didn’t want to upload the latest changes but because doing so will simply break the application. That’s expected to happen when taking the “responsibility alone to ensure that what ends up in Linux Lite works” and my suggestions to help in this regard are taken as a challenge to your leadership, even though I’ve always put yours ideas as priority, never coding based on my own taste but in your vision, showing the respect and appreciation you certainly deserve for taking on the overwhelming challenge of maintaining a distro. Yet I don’t feel disappointed even though I believe I have reasons now to feel as such…

      I truly appreciate you as well and I have publicly done so as much as you have but statements such as having paid me for my contributions to Linux Lite is not only disrespectful but dishonest. Once because I have never put a price for my work and secondly because I’ve clearly stated that I don’t expect a single dime for what I’m willingly sharing with the community for the benefit of many; otherwise it wouldn’t be a “contribution”. You can quote my posts from the forums development section and you will find these exact words. You’ve in fact donated some money in TWO OCCASIONS to help me cover part of the expenses I incur every month for the seven (7) servers I use to host and distribute packages (mirrors) for the masses. But this is an effort I do myself and I pay on my own, monthly. I can certainly go back to those two transactions and post their amount publicly (about $60 US dollars and $100 US dollars) as well as I can post the monthly cost of these services/servers I pay out of my own pocket (let alone the maintenance and time) to help you understand why I really do not appreciate such statement, not I understand how you came to the conclusion you have ever paid me for my contributions. I have never charged the project a dime not I expect to benefit monetarily from it; anything said to the contrary is a lie and I can’t stress this enough; it has a moral value to me and not a monetary one! – It is beyond my comprehension the reasons behind such words hence I do believe it needed my input.

      By the way, allow me to clarify that the yad version in Linux Lite repo is not “broken” even though it breaks few things. I should’ve said that it doesn’t include the fixes webupd8 maintainers have put in place for ubuntu-based distros. Feel free to do your own research or continue to ignore my recommendations as you’ve done up until now; I have no intentions to persuade you into changing your point of view anymore and I truly wish I’m wrong on my assessment because that will give the community a better package after all.

      All the best,


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